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We are a company of experienced fire protection specialists. We carry top of the line brands and provide our clients with package deals.

Restaurant Suppression Systems

Here at Adam’s Fire Protection, we offer sales and services of multiple Restaurant Fire Suppression systems.

Multiple series of Commercial Kitchen Fire Protection systems and suppression that have integrated state-of-the-art fire detection technology and clean-agent chemistry.

Fire Extinguishers

We offer an extensive family of portable and wheeled fire extinguishers. If you are looking for the best extinguisher to meet your needs, we will provide it for you. We also offer excellent service for testing maintenance, recharge, and repair of your portable fire extinguishers.

Repair, Services, and Inspections

Protecting your employees, facilities and physical assets from fire is a significant liability of any business. Completing routinely scheduled testing and servicing of your fire protection systems is the most cost-effective approach to maintain the integrity of your system. While also satisfying the mandated requirements of national, state, and local fire agencies, and insurance providers.

Emergency Exit Light services

Adams Fire Protection offers electrical services. Unlike other companies that only provide sprinkler and fire alarm services, we have our own master electricians team. Our service engineers and installers are ready to serve you; they’re skilled at both low voltage and high voltage systems.

Fire Alarm System Service

Adam’s Fire Protection offers a full range of fire protection, detection, and suppression products from top manufacturers. Our expert technicians can help by designing the most effective fire protection systems with cutting-edge products that ensure the safety of your facility, your workers, and your financial investment.

Fire Sprinkler System Services

There are various types of fire sprinkler systems, and each one is meant for a particular kind of facility. Adams Fire Protection provides full sprinkler installation, testing, and maintenance.

  • Testing and inspection of all water-based systems as required per NFPA25
  • Fire pump and hydrant testing, inspection, and maintenance.

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We have been serving Metro Detroit Area since 1976.

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Our Fire Protection Expertise

michigan fire sprinkler design

Sound engineering design is the core of every Michigan fire protection project we undertake. Crucial to the effectiveness of a Detroit fire protection system our experienced technicians determine the best approach to providing the correct system utilization.

adams michigan fire protection installation

Our installation teams and engineering staff work collectively to make sure that your system is installed according to the proper specifications.

adams michigan fire protection repair
Structural fires in the US have decreased by nearly 40 percent over the last twenty years. Correctly installed and maintained fire protection systems have played a significant role in making this decrease.
adams michigan fire protection extinguisher

The primary line of defense against fire is maintained correctly and inspected equipment. Our technicians will check your fire extinguishers at your business, or you’re welcome to drop them off at our location.

adams michigan fire protection repair

Our technicians are always trained and prepared, so you can be comforted that your project will be repaired precisely and as promptly as possible. We also a 24-hour emergency response in some cases.

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We don’t just design, install and repair fire protection systems, but also by providing a series of trusted and dependable protection systems.

Best Customer Value

Our customers are enthusiastic to go on the record about the professionalism and expertise that we deliver to each project.

High Standards

We take pride in serving with expertise, integrity, and accountability. Our technicians are professionally trained, duly licensed and certified, and always adhere to state, local and national specifications.

Recognized for Achievement

We are delighted with the prestigious awards we have received and advanced certifications we have earned by implementing industry-leading fire protection and plumbing system services to a full variety of facilities.

Fast and Reliable

Our Certified technicians will rapidly resolve even the most unexpected emergencies 24/7/365. We can swiftly recover fire and life safety systems while decreasing damage to physical assets.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We have established an exceptional reputation for excellence in the installation and maintenance of fire protection systems. Also, we are committed to client satisfaction and work aggressively to preserve a highly esteemed reputation with all our satisfied customers.


“Since we have opened our first Children’s home in 2008 you have been providing us with excellent customer service, on time inspections and have continued to exceed our service expectations along with the knowledge of state and local Fire code requirements for our industry. Since safety is a # 1 priority for our homes and for the children that stay here.”
Tony Ellul, Safehous Inc.

“Terry Steinmacher and his team at Adam’s Fire Protection have been servicing all of our properties since before 2011. This day & age, it’s not easy to find service partners that can bring their level of professionalism and spot on, reliable services to the table as consistently as Adam’s has done year after year. We all need the feeling of safety – we get that with Adam’s Fire Protection.”

Bob Connolly, SHAR, Inc

“We are extremely satisfied with the Adam’s Fire Protection! They service our Ansul system twice a year, Fire Extinguishers annually, Wet/Dry Fire Suppression systems annually, and Fire Pump testing annually. Very thorough, professional, and most importantly extremely responsive to any issues. The best business decision we made was switching to Adam’s Fire Protection!”
D. Main, Atria Shorehaven

Adam’s Fire Protection Company, Serving Metro Detroit, MI

We are a company of experienced fire protection specialists. We carry top of the line brands and provide our clients with package deals.

When it comes to safety, you can never be too sure, especially when it comes to fire hazards. A simple mistake such as reckless handling of matches or leaving the gas tank open can cause a whole building to burn down, and this is especially true for restaurants. Multiple stoves are being used, gas tanks are all over the kitchen, open fires for cooking, so you have to make sure that your establishment is equipped with the right facilities, clean air ducts, fully functional sprinklers.

You should also have a fire extinguisher nearby for an emergency. This may be true but not all fires happen in restaurants, some of them occur in homes too so make sure that your home is mostly fireproof. Check your surroundings make sure that the stove is always turned off and matches are away from children’s reach.

Although sometimes that’s not enough since there are multiple causes of fires as well. So what’re you waiting for? Get your establishment or home fireproof by contacting Adams Fire Protection. Built with knowledge, experience and the latest equipment, Adams Fire Protection is more than suitable to handle your flaming needs so that your restaurant or home won’t turn into ashes.

Getting nervous or having doubts about having adequate fire protection? Well, worry no more! You can rest assured that the job is done quickly and in the most efficient way possible when you contact Adams Fire Protection.

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