Fire Extinguisher Services

It’s crucial to maintain your fire extinguishers properly in case there is an emergency, you want to make sure they WORK.

Fire Extinguishers Services in Metro Detroit Michigan

In case of a small fire in your property, portable fire extinguishers are a great option controlling the flames before it grows big enough to cause substantial damage. Fire can quickly spread in any buildings and can get very intense in a short amount of time.

It’s always a good idea to have a fire extinguisher nearby to eradicate uncontrollable flames. These flames, if neglected, can get stronger in seconds and can cause substantial irreversible damages.

Of course, this indicates that you need to furnish your Michigan property with the proper kind of fire extinguishers and keep them in certified working order so you can always count on them in case of emergencies.

Call Adam’s Fire Protection Today for your Detroit Michigan fire extinguisher services.

Our technicians at Adam’s Fire Protection are highly trained and Certified to make sure all your fire extinguishers are in perfect working condition and ready to provide maximum safety for your property and your PEOPLE.

Michigan Fire Extinguisher Installation & Replacement

We offer a broad range of compact fire extinguishers from various manufacturers.

Don’t worry about which fire extinguishers would be ideal for your property, allow our expertise to advise you on your choice. We’ll additionally help you install fire extinguishers in the correct places for adequate coverage throughout your entire structure

The models of fire extinguishers depend on the fire dangers that exist in your property.

The various types of fire extinguishers available include:

  • Class A Ideal for fires from common combustibles such as paper, lumber, plastics etc…
  • Class B Ideal for flammable liquid fires
  • Class C Ideal for fires electrical wiring and appliances
  • Class D Ideal for metal fires, manufacturing
  • Class K Ideal for kitchen fires, restaurants and manufacturing facilities.

We carry the best industry brands, such as:

  • Ansual
  • Badger
  • Amerex
  • FireBoy
  • Buckeye
  • And More…

For over 4 Decades Adam’s Fire Protection has served industries in Metro Detroit Michigan with honesty, integrity, and exceptional customer service. We are the best at what we do because our technicians are highly trained and fully qualified fire protection professionals.
Trust us for all your fire protection needs, your neighbors do!

Adams Fire Protection provides you with top quality fire extinguishers that can eradicate flames in the most efficient ways. Adams Fire Protection offers either monthly or annual service with portable fire extinguishers to our clients per NFPA10. We will work with any issue, defects or questions present with the extinguishers.

detroit fire extinguishers sales

Michigan Fire Extinguisher Inspections & Testing

To guarantee your fire extinguishers continue to stay efficient tools against rising flames, you must maintain them on a yearly basis. It’s a chance to spot and immediately remedy any deficiencies and keep your facility compliant with Michigan fire regulations.

Our specialists provide annual fire extinguisher testing and inspection for your property.

NOTE: CO2 extinguishers and cartridge-operated extinguishers need additional inspections.

An inspection from our technicians includes the following services:

  • Visually inspect your fire extinguisher.
  • Check previous maintenance dates.
  • If applicable, inspect the pressure gauge.
  • Remove the tamper seal, check the pull pin, and install a new color-coded tamper seal.
  • Detach the hose and inspect the valve.
  • Clean the hose and the fire extinguisher.
  • Attach a new inspection tag.

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