Restaurant Fire Suppression systems

It’s crucial to maintain your restaurant fire suppression system properly in case there is an emergency, you want to make sure it WORKS.

Michigan Restaurant Fire Suppression

Practicing fire safety drills with your employees in your restaurant is crucial for the safety of your staff and your property. You may have trained your staff how to use the kitchen equipment safely, keep it cleaned and maintained, follow the proper startup and shutdown procedures. However, even with all that planning, fires can still happen. That’s why you as a business owner can trust Adam’s Fire Protection to install and inspect your restaurant fire suppression system.

With proper installation and routine inspection of your kitchen fire suppression system, it’s the best way to avoid casualties and damages.

If you own a restaurant or commercial kitchen in Metro Detroit Michigan or the surrounding areas, contact Adam’s Fire Protection Company to schedule fire suppression system services now!

detroit restaurant fire suppression

Restaurant Fire Suppression History

The initial fire suppression system we use today was invented in the 1960s as a means to automatically exterminate fires that broke out in industrial kitchens. Initially, these commercial systems took advantage of the same dry chemicals as regular fire extinguishers. Those chemicals are good at suppressing fires kindled by wood, paper, and textiles. Because the most of commercial restaurant fires involved cooking oils, engineers had to develop appropriate chemicals to use in fire suppression systems for these facilities.

Current fire suppression equipment dispenses wet chemical extinguishing agents, which are designed to create a soapy layer above the oil surfaces and equipment that helps cool off the temperature and cuts off the oxygen.
These chemicals can come in two forms; either premixed into one tank, or they can be dispensed from different containers of water and chemical concentrate and form the extinguishing agent when released.

A significant advantage that wet chemicals have over dry systems is that they’re excellent at preventing kitchen oils from reigniting after they have been extinguished.

Kitchen Fire Suppression Design, Installation, and Replacement

The proper way to extinguish a kitchen fire is to eliminate the fuel source and smother the flames, cutting out the oxygen. Your restaurant fire suppression system is designed to do just that.

At Adam’s Fire Protection, we conduct a thorough site survey and design a system to meet your fire protection needs. Our installation services include:

  • In-house system design
  • Complete set of fire system drawings
  • Fire system plan review with the proper city authorities
  • Fire system installation and testing to ensure optimal results
  • Complying with the UL 300 Standard

Emissions from restaurant cooking equipment are often polluted with vaporized grease and other fuels that could kindle a fire or make the flames spread quicker. That’s why routine inspections and maintenance are critical for a safe work environment.

Adam’s Fire Protection offers routine services necessary to keep your restaurant fire supression system in optimal condition and code-compliant. Don’t let critical inspections and maintenance slip your mind, or your commercial kitchen could become a fire disaster just waiting to happen.

Fire suppression systems have evolved over the years to keep up with the evolution of restaurant cooking equipment.

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